Columbus Oncology & Hematology Associates, Inc.

Columbus Oncology and Hematology Associates is a group of physicians and professionals who specialize in the treatment of cancer and blood disorders. Our physicians are all board certified.

We have committed many years to research, teaching and continuing medical education to remain at the cutting edge of our specialty. Our staff is committed to listening to and caring for our patients with compassion and gentleness as well as the respect and dignity they deserve.

Signs of Infection:

  • Even if you are cautious, it is still possible to get an infection.
  • The following symptoms are associated with an infection:
  • a fever (temperature over 101 degrees F)
  • chills * sweating, especially at night
  • a burning sensation when urinating
  • a severe cough or sore throat

If any of these symptoms of infection appear, report them immediately to your doctor or nurse. Do not use aspirin or acetaminophen to reduce the fever, unless you first check with your doctor or nurse. Any unusual bleeding, bruising, persistent nausea or diarrhea should be reported to your doctor or nurse. While you are receiving chemotherapy, check with your doctor or nurse prior to having any dental work performed.

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To contact us for medical problems or questions, please call our main telephone number at 614/442-3130, 24 hours per day.

Directions to our Office:

Columbus Oncology and Hematology Associates, Inc.
810 Jasonway Avenue
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Columbus, Ohio 43214
Tel: 614-442-3130
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